Yo, Vinny! We're in the "Big Apple"! Times Square, Wall Street, Broadway, Central Park. We did them all! The New Yorkers were really shocked to see this willd looking craft visiting their city.

The Hudson River in all its brown glory with the Manhattan skyline in the background. Don't fall off or you'll be joining all those other New Yorkers who are "Sleeping with the fishes".

The sail around the Statue was on a cold, calm New York day. Far from the warm sunny waters of Maui, where this sleek craft has experienced 40 knot winds and 25' seas in the Pacific.Many times I am asked if I would do the trip again or another one similiar to it and my answer is "Yes", but only with real support this time. The quest to be the first to windsurf from California to Hawaii took ten years and I had little support. The entire journey was financed by myself, as all sponsors that I contacted declined support, stating that the trek was too risky. I have ideas for another trip and if you or your company would like to know more, please contact me at any time, by clicking here